A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

How to play

Once you complete the first level the game opens up to a multiplayer beacon claiming game.

To claim a beacon is to attempt a run on it. The first menu will have a list of player names and the time to their beacon. Select one then press claim beacon. Press [ALT] to look towards the new beacon objective and set off running towards it. Hold down [ALT] to see if you passed it.

Placing a beacon simply requires you to click place beacon in the first menu instead of claiming one. Once you leave the red area the timer will start. Press [F] to confirm placing a beacon, restart your placement, or continue.


WASD      - movement
CTRL      - crouch
Space     - jump
F         - place beacon (after clicking place beacon)
ALT       - look at objective/beacon (when not placing beacon)
Shift+F1  - release/capture mouse
ESC       - exit immediately
Tilda (~) - console

Console Commands

Commands - list all commands

Help - help menu

Also a bunch of other stuff that should be self-explanatory. Console isn't the main part of the game but there if you need it.


A small and quick prototype of a small running based multiplayer game. Think Mario Odyssey's balloon pop game style multiplayer but in first person and with building-like shapes.

This was created for the 7DFPS game jam but the game wasn't created solely in 7 days, nor did I do everything myself, credits in the game explain what parts are pulled from where with links directly to the source material.


sneakernet-linux.zip 142 MB
sneakernet-mac.zip 145 MB
sneakernet-win.zip 141 MB

Install instructions

Download and then run.

Development log

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