v2.10 Released: Core tech updates, Stability improvements

Update: A hotfix has been added to 2.10 that addresses missing dependency issues on Windows and fixes character names not appearing in a certain dialogue branch in Story5

Greetings space travellers!

Today's update includes a number of core tech upgrades and low level changes that should improve the stability of the game. In addition to this and several more explicit crash fixes, we've also increased the likelihood of multi-planet sectors.

We are proud to also be participating in the Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality along with 1,600+ games and 1,300+ other creators. The bundle has currently raised over $5.3 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund, and will be running for another 4 days if it is something you'd like to support or help signal boost.

For full details on this update, see below, and as always, if you encounter any problems, let us know!

Full changelog for v2.10 (2020-06-12)

  • [Cosmetic] Updated description of [redacted] in Opal
  • [Cosmetic] Updated description of [redacted] in Story4
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed misc typos in Jade, Opal, Helium, and Titanium mission text
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed discrepancies between Argon briefing and initial mission text
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed missing blank link in Helium, Story2, and Story4 mission text
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed negative food change not being reflected in mission overview text
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed reference to possible food sources in outofgas mission text
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed bad food values in mission overview when mission was started with negative food
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed inconsistent capitalisation of Cygen in crew bios
  • [Gameplay] Added option to [redacted] in Titanium when crew has previously engaged in [redacted]
  • [Gameplay] Updated sector generation to increase the likelihood of a multi planet sector with each successive single planet sector
  • [Gameplay] Fixed lucky crewmembers not contributing correctly to [redacted] in Story3
  • [Gameplay] Fixed [redacted] dialogue branch playing out when Aislinn is not present in the away team in Story5
  • [Misc] Added break to prevent infinite loop in outofgas when player has exhausted all options and must
  • [Misc] Added sleeps to reduce CPU load
  • [Misc] Updated to SFML 2.5
  • [Misc] Updated to SOL 2.20
  • [Misc] Added new debugging system
  • [Misc] Fixed several possible memory related crashes
  • [Misc] Fixed several possible hangs when generating text choice UI
  • [Misc] Fixed possible crash when leaving an end screen
  • [Misc] Fixed a possible crash when swapping selected crew locations after changing difficulty in the initial crew selection screen
  • [Misc] Fixed dependency issues on Windows
  • [UI] Added instructional tooltip to jump button when disabled
  • [UI] Fixed tooltips sometimes not displaying on mission text speed buttons
  • [UI] Fixed crew positions getting scrambled changing difficulty after swapping selected crew locations in the initial crew selection screen


the-away-team-mac.zip 145 MB
Jun 12, 2020
the-away-team-linux.zip 141 MB
Version v2.10-24 Jun 12, 2020
the-away-team-demo_mac.zip 94 MB
Version v2.10-24 Jun 12, 2020
the-away-team-demo_linux.zip 89 MB
Version v2.10-24 Jun 12, 2020
the-away-team-windows.zip 139 MB
Version v2.10-26 Jun 12, 2020
the-away-team-demo_windows.zip 87 MB
Version v2.10-24 Jun 12, 2020

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