Mementos, Measurements of Time and a little more.

Hey Spacefarers!

We have this great new article that talks in-depth about mementos and how we focused on creating memories. You can read about that here:

Additionally we have this gource video that details 5 years of development on The Away Team. Measuring time in games can be rough especially as you shelve and unshelve or contract out to other projects. Of course I'd never be able to finish The Away Team and wrap everything up with a large patch if it wasn't for our contractors and especially Josh "Cheeseness" Bush. As proud as I was before, I am even more proud to have made The Away Team with all these people.

Lastly we pushed out a patch to help gain feedback and address some minor bugs. You can see the changelogs here


Michael Brune


The Away Team Linux 64 Bit.gz 140 MB
Nov 04, 2018
The Away Team Mac 64 Bit.gz 141 MB
Nov 04, 2018
The Away Team Windows 32 Bit.7z 120 MB
Nov 04, 2018

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