v2.13: Plugged leaks and better colours

Greetings, space travellers!

Today's patch contains fixes for a number of memory leaks, and should address an obscure crash related to custom character names.

We have also reworked how character name colours are assigned, making them consistent across all platforms. Base character colours are now more in-line with their sprites, and custom character colours are drawn from a pool of pre-defined colours (can be edited in assets/general/character_related/custom_colors.json).

For full details, check the Patch Notes thread, and as always, if you encounter any problems, let us know!

Full changelog for v2.13 (2022-01-04)

  • [Cosmetic] Fixed missing newline in Helium mission text
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed missing closing quote mark in Helium mission text
  • [Cosmetic] Updated wording of Aarik's query at the conclusion of Helium mission
  • [Cosmetic] Updated Tux bio to indicte that he is a bonus character on Linux
  • [Cosmetic] Updated base character colours
  • [User Content] Updated custom character colours to use a pre-defined list
  • [Misc] Updated character colours to be saved and loaded rather than generated at runtime
  • [Misc] Added additional debug logging
  • [Misc] Increased sleep duration of wait loop slightly
  • [Misc] Fixed several possible memory leaks on Windows during shutdown
  • [Misc] Fixed possible memory leak when ending a mission
  • [Misc] Fixed possible threading issue on Linux caused by calling XInitThreads() after instantiating the splash screen
  • [UI] Removed unused apply button from the option screen
  • [UI] Fixed selection frames being shown when clicking on selected characters from a different page in the crew setup screen


the-away-team-linux.zip 141 MB
Version v2.13-4-g5e4207ab Jan 04, 2022
the-away-team-mac.zip 146 MB
Version v2.13-4-g5e4207ab Jan 04, 2022
the-away-team-windows.zip 148 MB
Version v2.13-4-g5e4207ab Jan 04, 2022

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