v2.8 Released: Resolution selection improvements, minor tweaks

Greetings space travellers!

Today's update includes some improvements to the sector clock, some mission tweaks, and some changes to how default/fallback resolutions are handled.

For full details, check see below, and as always, if you encounter any problems, let us know!

Full change log for v2.8 (2019-03-07)

  • [Cosmetic] Added "Lost Exodus" to the window title
  • [Gameplay] Added a second chance to if a is deployed in pearl1
  • [Cosmetic] Fixed edge case where resource planet names could repeat after continuing a save
  • [Cosmetic] Improved sector clock behaviour when jumping
  • [Cosmetic] Tweaked argon mission to reduce characters apparently talking to themselves
  • [Misc] Added support for custom resolution to be defined in options.json
  • [Misc] Improved fallback resolution selection when saved configuration is not valid
  • [Misc] Updated default resolution to be 1280x720 windowed


the-away-team_win_itch.7z 121 MB
Version 2 Mar 07, 2019
the-away-team_linux_itch_2019-03-06.tar.gz 140 MB
Version 2 Mar 07, 2019
the-away-team_mac_itch_2019-03-06.tar.gz 141 MB
Version 2 Mar 07, 2019
the-away-team_win_demo.7z 69 MB
Version 2 Mar 07, 2019
the-away-team_mac_demo_2019-03-06.tar.gz 89 MB
Version 2 Mar 07, 2019
the-away-team_linux_demo_2019-03-06.tar.gz 89 MB
Version 2 Mar 07, 2019

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